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 "DNA Ink’s robust analytics and cross-functional strategic guidance was extremely valuable for an early stage company.  They brought commercial insight, experience and credibility to our deal process, which helped us communicate a clear value proposition to potential partners and to our investors."

Roy Hardiman
Chief Business Officer, Principia Biosciences

"DNA Ink's structured problem solving and evidence-based recommendations helped to shape the corporate strategy for one of our portfolio projects. They gave us a framework to enhance our internal decision-making as the business evolved."

Myrtle Potter
President and CEO, Myrtle Potter and Company

"Rounding out our internal experience with DNA Ink’s cross-functional expertise helped to secure the right deal for MorphoSys' most late stage asset. They shared our goals and fit in perfectly as members of our negotiation team."

Dr. Barbara Krebs-Pohl
Head of Business Development, MorphoSys

“DNA Ink ran the whole process. It would be impossible to access the same set of capabilities anywhere else and we look forward to working with them in the future."

Susan Molineaux, PhD
Founder, Chief Executive Officer and President, Calithera Biosciences

"Smart team, smart business model - just what small companies need to level the playing field in negotiations with big pharma."

Dr. David Jablons
Founder, PinPoint Genomics

"DNA Ink provided us with the discipline of a business development function at a blue chip biotech company while fully integrating with our fast paced high growth entrepreneurial culture."

Daniel Teper
Chief Executive Officer, Immune Pharmaceuticals

 "DNA Ink brought a professional level of analytic and strategic thinking to BioCision when we needed it most. They also shared our values and fit in perfectly with our informal, but intense company culture. We consider them to be extended members of our team."

Rolf Ehrhardt
Chief Executive Officer, BioCision