Curtis Hecht

Strategic Advisor

Curtis Hecht has over 25 years of broad pharmaceutical experience including business development, strategic planning, and commercialization. He is currently Chief Business Officer at Calithera Biosciences. Most recently, he was a Partner at DNA Ink. Prior to DNA Ink, he was Director of Business Development and Global Alliance Director for Roche. He also held positions in Drug Discovery, Strategy and Planning, Marketing, Licensing and M&A Evaluation in the US and in Switzerland. Curtis managed the Adjuvant CRC launch of Xeloda. He managed the Roche-Genentech Joint Development and Operations Committee that oversaw the global development for Avastin, Herceptin, Rituxan, Tarceva, Perjeta, Erivedge, TDM1. Curtis was the alliance director for many of Roche’s key partners ranging from biologic manufacturing to commercial-stage co-marketing programs. He has evaluated numerous licensing and M&A opportunities, closed transactions and managed the resulting alliances. Curtis currently sits on the advisory board to Biocision, LLC.

Prior to Roche, Curtis worked at Houghton Pharmaceuticals as a medicinal and combinatorial chemist and at ChemNavigator, where he helped to increase the speed of drug discovery and optimization.

Curtis has an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University.

Curtis is an outdoors enthusiast. He loves to hike, mountain bike, surf, sail and ski with his wife and three boys.