Effective licensing is an art that extends far beyond the numbers. With our expertise, we help our clients determine and establish the right partnership for their product. We evaluate a myriad of elements that determine success, limit risk and establish a mutually beneficial relationship. These aspects of a deal include licensing goals and value drivers, and leveraging core competencies and capabilities.

The right deal is a blend of:

  • financial payments structured to reward past accomplishments and provide incentives for future success
  • clear roles and responsibilities leveraging the strengths of the parties involved, and
  • a governance structure that will ensure a common vision for the asset throughout the product lifecycle and guide the project team without delaying timelines.

When brought together, these components ensure an exceptional opportunity for our clients and for their new partner (the licensee).

We fully explore the positioning and the potential of a product. Having completed a full market forecast, and a strategic partner assessment, we identify and approach the right partners who will maximize the opportunity presented by the product as well as offer the right cultural fit.

We utilize our extensive transactional experience to drive a deal to completion. Because we’ve been on both sides of a transaction, we understand how “big pharma” runs due diligence, creates a development plan, de-risks a program, forecasts P&L and ultimately pursues an asset. This gives us tremendous insight while engaging and negotiating with potential partners. Our expertise means we understand the value of an asset and how to negotiate and close the right deal for our clients.