Corporate Strategy

The right product succeeds when companies fully understand the long-term potential of the product. We dive deeply in the data to analyze, evaluate and determine the market potential of a product to inform the development plan, maximize the value of the asset, enable good investment decisions and position the product with prospective partners.

We also provide product portfolio planning for companies. By reviewing a range of products, the pipeline and the current and future marketplace, we are able to identify areas of opportunity and growth for the firm our clients and in some cases, high-level life cycle planning to optimize our client’s assets over the long-term.

On occasion, our clients are not in a position to pursue a deal. Instead, they need to raise capital. In these instances, we develop a solid, financial valuation and an investor pitch package that clearly communicates the unique aspects of our client’s product portfolio.

Some clients wish to become fully integrated biotech companies. In helping them to achieve this vision, we structure options in deals that give them opportunities to co-develop, co-market or co-promote in a risk sharing manner until they are ready to go it alone.  We structure these options based on our client’s size and resources. When our clients are ready to exercise these options, we provide commercial advisory services to help them build their internal commercial infrastructure.

Some clients want to innovate and get acquired. We analyze and develop exit-strategies and scenarios for our clients so they plan the next phase with a realistic understanding of when and what might inspire a change in the situation.

From initial review to exit-strategy, our robust analytics and advisory services ensure that our clients have an exceptional assessment of their options enabling them to pivot quickly as the data or landscape evolves.