Our Services

comprehensive and seamless

We provide seamless, comprehensive advisory and support services focused exclusively on the life-sciences industry.

  • Our extensive market forecasting provides our clients with strategic insight into the aspects of their product that drive its commercial potential and its positioning in the marketplace. Our market analytics integrates trend analysis, customized situation assessment and product-specific forecasts to support business planning. As needed, we can research the development landscape for individual indications to compare assets’ status and properties to future competition.
  • Building on the market forecast, our business case and financial valuation bring together the target product profile, development and commercialization plans, revenues and costs to build a risk-adjusted net present value (rNPV) for our client’s asset. The rNPV provides the basis to model deal terms and evaluate share-of-value. We provide in-depth knowledge and extensive capabilities to configure and evaluate various deal structures, options and trade-offs to execute the ideal partnership for our clients.
  • With more than 85 years of collective experience in the industry, we have structured and negotiated a breadth of deals from both sides of the table and have managed alliances long after the deal was signed. We have extensive knowledge about the aspects of deals and collaborations that could present challenges. The result is that we are able to develop a negotiation strategy that is anticipatory, and structure collaborations that have a solid foundation for success.
  • We are committed to effective alliance management. We look beyond the initial transaction to analyze the long-term potential of the partnership for our clients and their product. After structuring the deal to enable effective oversight and governance of the collaboration, we can facilitate a productive kick-off meeting between the parties to ensure that roles and responsibilities are understood and the relationship has a successful start. We will also share best practices with the companies’ alliance managers to help them avoid or manage conflict over the long term.

At DNA Ink, we pride ourselves on our unfailing integrity, professionalism and transparency.