IMMUNE Pharmaceuticals

creating change from the inside


IMMUNE Pharmaceuticals is an Israeli-based emerging leader in the development of monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of inflammatory diseases and cancer. IMMUNE’s has two lead programs:  Bertilimumab,  which is a phase II monoclonal antibody targeting Eotaxin for IBD, Asthma and Ocular indications and Amiket, a phase III ready topical for chemo-induced peripheral neuropathy. They also have a novel ADC Nanobody platform.


We were retained by Myrtle Potter & Company to provide deal guidance and services to IMMUNE. We were enthusiastic to work with IMMUNE because of their entrepreneurial spirit and our ability to leverage our cross-functional expertise to help them evolve into a fully integrated biotech company.

Our work

We were engaged to provide overall business guidance, appropriately value the assets of the company, position products in corporate presentations, identify potential partners and support deal activities. Our Founder worked in the role as Chief Business Development Officer to bring the expertise of a large firm to this organization. Specifically, we:

  • Set overall deal goals for pipeline products and the technology platform
  • Provided guidance on communications, including corporate presentations, product positioning and messaging
  • Created bottoms-up patient forecasts
  • Conducted detailed competitive landscape analysis
  • Leveraged contacts in the industry to engage multiple parties around the world in partnering activities
  • Engaged ADC experts to provide guidance on how to increase the value of IMMUNE’s technology platform
  • Guided IMMUNE on new business opportunities.


On August 26th, 2013, Immune Pharma merged with EpiCept. <Press Release>

Our work with Immune is ongoing. We continue to provide business development advisory services.